Delta Trading Group: What Affects Interest Rates?

Trading in bonds and other types of securities in Phoenix, AZ, can sometimes feel like obscure wizardry with rules that don’t quite make sense. However, the reality is, trading of any kind can be enormously complex, and the changes to the market environment while, on the surface, unpredictable, maybe even indecipherable, actually have many different […]

How Delta Trading Group Futures Traders Can Avoid Slippage

No matter how experienced you are as an investor, there’s a good chance that you’ve been the victim of slippage at some point in your career. Slippage occurs when the entry or exit price of a trade is different than what you were expecting. For instance, imagine you are processing a deal through an online […]

Delta Trading Group Video: Recapping a live trading session

In this video Dr. Clifford Vance Cast recaps a double bar and a pivot point indecision signal during a live trading session. This is a great video as he walks the viewer through the decision making process while analyzing the trends and the data from the program. Watch this lesson video here